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next on eyewitness news... "heartbreak in tennessee". a 'school bus crashes' -- and 'several children' -- are 'killed'. the 'one thing' -- police are 'focused on' tonight. counting ballots... working to get closer to a governor. the latest on the count. and "behind the scenes" -- as 'soldiers' -- prepare to "feed an army" -- for 'thanksgiving'. eyewitness news starts right now. 'breaking news' first at ten -- a "horrific crash" -- involving a 'school bus'. good evening from the 'breaking news center'... i'm steve daniels. it's a 'tragic story' -- we never want to 'tell' -- children 'killed' -- on their way 'home' from school. at least 'six children' -- died in chattanooga, tennessee -- late this afternoon... the bus was carrying '35 children' -- from an 'elementary school' -- when it 'crashed'.... flipped on its side..... and wrapped around a
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hospital. the 'bus' -- was the 'only vehicle' involved in the crash. the 'bus driver' -- is being 'interviewed' -- to determine 'exactly' what happened. police say -- 'speed' may be a 'contributing factor' -- in the crash. also breaking right now -- an earthquake in japan causing a lot of drama -- but no major problems. the '6- point- 9- magnitude quake' hit just off the coast of fukushima. tremors could be felt as far as tokyo -- about '150- miles' south of the epicenter. a tsunami warning lifted a short time ago. the quake triggered a u the same area in 2011 -- unleashed a tsunami that killed thousands. watch for the latest on these stories during this newscast-- and tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. 'new tonight' -- the "undecided governor's race" -- 'under the microscope' -- here in the triangle. the 'durham county' election board-- is among more than 'four dozen' -- facing 'scrutiny' tonight -- from 'governor mccrory'. joel brown joins us with -- with 'new insight' tonight. durham county is one of the 35 local election boards still
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these stacks of election protests filed on behalf of pat mccrory's campaign. the governor showing no signs of giving up... but the math is increasingly against him. amid the mountain of absentee and provisional ballots... came plenty of tired looks and deep sighs... - "--long sigh--" durham county's republican- controlled election board spent hours, monday fielding protests from a mccrory campaign lawyer and volunteer... alleging there was voter fraud at play in durham. offend you but what you're asking for is a fishing expedition." the mccrory camp alleged there was an absentee ballot mill at work in durham... and people who voted in multiple jurisdictions. the board rejected the protests... citing a lack of evidence. - "all in favor say aye, aye! opposed?" of the nearly 4.7 million votes cast, unofficial results give roy cooper a 65-hundred vote lead over mccrory. that's up from the 5,000 vote lead cooper held election night. and tonight, 20 of the state's 100 counties have completed their
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counting in durham... - " perhaps we could be done tomorrow? in theory, in theory." where the elections board chair told us he's feeling the pressure but not the politics of the high stakes race hanging in the balance. - "not at all. i'm not paying attention to any of it. i'm not reading the paper and i'm not watching tv. just trying to do my job." the board did vote move forward with a hearing tomorrow afternoon on a mccrory-backed protest questioning the provisional ballots. they also deferred a decision on another protest regarding ballots allegedly cast by convicted felons-- while they wait for a ruling from the state. 'roy - cooper' is moving ahead as if he will be declared our state's next governor. the democrat -- revealed members of his transition team. cooper today -- reiterating his claim that he has won the race. his team -- not hiding that confidence -- launching a transition website. a message of
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submit applications online -- dominates the home page. "governor mccrory" -- is 'rejecting calls' -- from 'cooper' and other democrats -- to 'concede'. in fayetteville-- the governor said -- "precedent" -- 'not' political pressure-- will guide his decision. 'two' local democrats -- in 'congress' -- g-k butterfield -- and 'otherwise'. the pair "boldly declaring" -- there's "no way -- mccrory can win". new tonight -- family and friends shining a light on the life of 'cyril- efobi' -- and the shooting that left the beloved cabbie dead. his murder earlier this month -- remains unsolved. angelica alvarez -- live in raleigh where the community's determination to find justice -- remains undeterred. before tonight's vigil... raleigh police handed out these fliers... in the very spot where efobi
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knows something... will come forward. for about an hour... dozens of loved ones gathered in front of universal cab company. they sang and prayed over the loss of their long time friend... 56- year-old cyril efobi. on november 8th...efobi was leaving the cab company...where he worked... and someone shot him. in the weeks since... no one has been arrested. and while efobi was not children... his friends want you to know his death has rocked their community here... and the lives of so many friends and family where he's from in nigeria. take a look at your screen... these grainy images are all
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they believe is their killer. if you know anything call raleigh police...or crime stoppers....there is a cash reward. and while efobi has lived in raleigh for more than 30 years... the nigerian community here is raising money so he can be buried in nigeria. but they are planning to have a wake for him here in raleigh...early next month. new tonight-- an 'arrest' -- in the 'shooting' -- that 'killed' a 'san antonio' police dete the detective -- one of 'two' law enforcement officers -- 'shot dead' -- in the past five days. another 'three' law enforcement officers-- have 'also' been shot. attorney general -- 'loretta - lynch' -- calls the "ambush style shootings" -- "reprehensible" -- adding -- they "won't be tolerated". lynch says -- the 'justice department' -- is taking measures -- to 'improve' officer safety. here at home -- raleigh police say this water main break on capital boulevard -- will continue to torment drivers tuesday morning. excavators -- lined the flooded southbound lanes of 'capital boulevard' all day long -- just north of wade avenue.
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closed after the break was discovered around nine this morning. the message from police tonight -- it may be in your best interest to find an alternate route tomorrow morning. the road isn't expected to be fixed until tuesday evening. 'respect for the flag' -- and 'quick thinking' -- garnering a 'special salute' -- for a group of 'firefighters' -- including 'one' from the 'triangle'. the firefighters-- were 'protecting homes' -- near the 'wildfire' -- around "lake lure". they 'spotted' -- this 'american flag' -- in danger. ....that's when they 'took it down' -- and put it behind a 'glass storm door' -- so it wouldn't get 'thanked them' for their efforts -- in a 'social media post' -- that's gone viral. one of the firefighters -- who took the action-- and is now being recognized -- is "dylan lowe" -- of the carrboro fire department. the woman's home -- was 'not' damaged in the fire. other members of the 'carrboro fire department' --- are expected to 'return home' -- from the "fire zone" tomorrow
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based firefighters -- are back home tonight -- after a grueling stint battling the devastating wildfires in the western part of our state. our cameras were on the scene late this afternoon in durham. that's where these exhausted firefighters returned back to the durham fire headquarters. the two crews were demobilzed this morning -- after taking part in the effort to extinguish the 'party rock fire'. they worked '12- hour' shifts since thursday -- to provide structural protection to towns in the path of the fire. the "party rock fire" -- is about '45-percent' contained -- but, it's 'scorched' 71- hundred acres. a total of '16 active fires' -- are 'burning' -- including 'two' new ones -- that broke out over the weekend. the good news-- it appears crews have a 'firm grip' -- on a majority of them. the biggest-- the "tellico fire" -- has burned nearly 14-thousand acres. and 'emergency managers' think --
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'back' here in the triangle -- again tomorrow. tonight-- it's beginning to "look and smell" -- a lot like "thanksgiving" -- at fort bragg. three days before the big holiday -- there is actually a squad of chef's working hard right now -- to literally feed an army. greg barnes -- is monitoring the massive menu -- live at one of the kitchens on the post preparing for thanksgiving. here at the 82nd airborne's first brigade combat dinning facility its a full course press of preperations...gon na give you a peek at their these this year.. but first the kitchen..where troops are busy.. if you think you got a lot of folks eating at yur house, take a look at this menu..for the troops here at bragg.. slice up 3,600 pounds of turkey , 3500 pounds of beef, 888 pounds of shrimp and cornish hens, more than a ton of
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pounds of collards, 849 pies and cheesecakes, and two tons of fruits and nuts.. and hundreds of pounds of stuffing, and macoroni and cheese, and mountains of home made corn bread, and biscuits.. its a labor of love for these food service troops, who've been planning for this mealk for more than a week. it not only has to taste good it has will..the theme here at the 1bct's dinning hall is a charlie brown thanksgiving, complete with a real ginger bread house, snoopy sitting on hs doghouse gunning for the red baron, along with other
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it's a move that'll
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star bucks. why some of you will be spending additional cold hard cash at the popular coffee chain. also ahead -- president elect donald - trump -- outlines his first '100- days' of his presidency in a brand new video. what he says will happen on day one. and this pup doesn't understand it's called a doggie bag -- not a doggie box. how the pooch ended up in this tight situation. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh
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-- in los angeles tonight. a 'car' -- hits 'several people' -- outside the 'convention center' -- in downtown l-a. paramedics 'checked out' -- eight people. 'five pedestrians' and the 'driver' of the car -- that 'hit them' -- went to the 'hospital'. police say -- the person was driving an 'electric car'... but it's 'not clear' -- if the car had 'any connection' -- to the "l-a car show" -- 'taking place' -- 'at' the convention center. donald trump tonight -- with his first direct message to america -- nearly '2- weeks' after the election. in the two and a half minute video -- trump rehashes the actions he plans to take on 'day one' of his presidency. they include 'withdrawing' from the trans- pacific partnership. on immigration -- he'll direct the 'department of labor' to investigate abuses on visa programs. and on 'national security' -- he'll ask the defense department develop
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'cyber attacks' -- and other attacks. you can watch the entire video on 'abc11 dot com'. a 'bandit' tries for "quick cash".... but 'nets' nothing -- when the clerk 'fights back'. the 'revolt' -- in south florida --is 'caught on video'. 'surveillance cameras' -- at a 'convenience store' in hollywood -- show the robber 'creeping in' -- with a 'metal pipe'. you see the 'thief' -- 'hit' the clerk -- and then... the employee -- goes on the offensive. you can see -- the clerk-- manages to 'wrestle away' the pipe. the clerk 'escaped' -- without major injuries. trying to track down the robber. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. and we begin -- in amsterdam -- with a 'wild' airplane ride. the pilots of an 'a-320' passenger jet-- dealing with strong crosswinds. that forced the plan to do a touch- and- go- around at schiphol airport. you can see how strong the winds are -- the plane is at an angle after touching down briefly. the plane landed safely '10- minutes' later on the same runway. from "too much wind".... to "too much rain" --- this is in "usually
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four people-- rescued from a 'rushing river' this morning. about a 'hundred firefighters' -- helped in the effort. four people got 'stranded' -- on a small island. rescue crews used that 'boat' -- to get them to safety. and a pup in a predicament down under. sam the dog used to enjoy pulling tissues out of a box -- until he went a little too far and his head got stuck in the box... some commotion in the yard when he discovered sam had given up his fight -- and had become strangely 'relaxed' in his new
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high pressure will keep the central north carolina region dry, with mostly sunny days through the middle of this week. a gradual warming trend will occur, and by the time wednesday rolls around, winds will shift to out of the southeast helping temps climb back into the 60s. meanwhile, our nighttime low temperatures will still be below spots tonight and tomorrow night. a weak low pressure system will track across the ohio valley on wednesday night into thanksgiving and a cold front will approach the southern appalachians. there could be a spotty shower around during this time, but most of our region will stay dry. your afternoon family turkey bowl shouldn't have weather as a factor.
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reaches the mountains and temperatures should actually continue to rise on thursday. a more dominant push of cooler air will arrive heading into the weekend that will bring temperatures back down into the 50s during the afternoons. our region is expected to stay largely dry though as the weather pattern prevents any significant moisture from
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fix" -- may be costing you 'more' these days. the 'coffee chain' says -- prices for some "cold
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went 'up' -- 10 to 30 cents -- earlier this month. about '90 percent' of the 'starbucks beverage menu'.... including hot coffee and tea.... did 'not' go "up" in price. a big company making a big promise... what it says it will do on black friday. a huge promise a huge promise today, we talk differently.... work differently... relax differently. and all those differences take energy. at duke energy, we're doing things differently too. like new ways to generate power and even store it... ...for cleaner energy every day. so no matter how different things become, we're always here ....
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patagonia -- the outdoor clothing and gear company says it will donate black friday sales to environmental groups. the company says it came up with the idea after the election. one of patagonia's vps said... the country is divided but the environment is something everyone can
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sports... state hoops finishes on a winning note at the paradise jam... the heels get ready to run in maui and dave doeren makes a public plea for patience but first - canes news - backup goalie eddie lack was concussed at practice this morning so michael leighton has been called up from charlotte... the canes are in
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night... the blue jays were a tornado of points... so that left the pack looking for some consolation in today's third place game vs the st joe's hawks... malik abu had a career high in game one of the paradise jam terry henderson went off yesterday... today it was dennis smith's turn to lead the way.... early going - pack was sleepingwalking... down 20-9 they arrived late - but they arrived...a 13-0 run capped by this terry henderson triple off the 'corner' play... that's some state 22-20 late in the half - markell johnson to torin dorn for 3 dorn had 19.... pack up 4 at the break 2nd - smith had 8 dimes - this is springy stuff from malik aboom more dribble penetration by markell johnson...spots dsj spotting up smith jr had 24 points and 8 assists state wins 73- 4-1 for the
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share the aerial acrobatics of former millbrook star chris clemons.... now a soph at campbell - he's still crushing... look at this throwdown vs samford... reminder - clemons is about 5'8 he had 23, but samford won after wrapping up a win over hawaii at roughly 3am saturday morning - the heels will play a relative matinee tonight as they open up the maui invitational vs the hosts, chaminade at 1130 tonight.... when life gives you chamins, make chaminade is the berry had a rough go vs hawaii...he'll likely bounce back nc state dropped another home conference game saturday, which is another home conference game saturday, which is very much the norm under dave doeren through four years... the pack needs to beat carolina on friday just to get bowl
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point... many state fans have checked out on doeren. whether debbie yow is among them remains to be seen...doeren knows all of this of course - so he came prepared today with some fighting words
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for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on 'c-w 22'.
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to help real people like these. warner bros. domestic television distribution] announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: something's going on with kanye west. we broke the story. ki something' >> goes on stage, rants about the trump thing and then walked off stage after 30 minutes. harvey: is he having a breakdown? >> something is wrong with kanye. >> maybe he's narcissistic. has anybody thought of that? >> future had a huge birthday party. he's is brown, and lar sa pippen. >> he ent 100 k on stripsppers. christmas is looking good for em.


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